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The Big Plan!

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  • Writer : Aubrey Banvard
  • Date : 23-10-04 03:32
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The Big Plan!

Don't you love it when a plan goes to plan, or when you get what you expect to receive? I remember that was never an incentive we ever pursued on a night out with my friends as a high school kid many, many weekend's ago. I'd start the day in midmorning with some stretches and a good tidy up my bedroom! Not really.. I'd have wash, and be in such a rush I'd probably skip food. So here I was out on a lazy Saturday afternoon, linking up with my mates, ready to rock and roll laced in my Saturday's best.

So I'm arriving at the rendezvous, and already a few of the guys were surrounding our older mates who were relaxing like kings in their cars. Here I am thinking, "Finally, it looks like we might a have something to do for change", yet little did I realise it was not at all what it was cracked up to be! So, as the afternoon gave way to the night, and the questions of purpose progressively became more chronic, I realise the night was yet another wasted dream.

Regardless I turn my attention to the 'anointed' one and ask him "So mate, what's the mo(tive) tonight?", and as if I were an insignificant blimp of little importance, he faces me arrogantly with a smirk on his face as if too cool to give a reasonable verbal response. I questioned my social life that night walking back home. The company I kept was for reasons unknown without social ambitions and a waste of time! Their plans never went to plan, because they never bothered to make any! While I left the rest of the guys to crowd around like imbeciles and fantasise about being cool while surrounding Captain arrogant. I had a couple of real friends within the circle that preferred to leave the group and head for home along with me. I'd stay in contact with them as I made new, more productive friends during my college and university years.

Besides a few wild cards, a lot of them knew how to get a party going or how to have a good night out without going over board or pretending to be an arrogant tree in the middle of a car park all night! I soon found myself networking with friends who planned a day through out, and saw to it done. Little did I realise these would be potential business partners in the near future.

Back in High school I do remember the lunch hours more than anything, especially the food! Thanks to that flame haired bugger who did the Sainsbury adverts, the lunch hall transformed from serving mere fish and chips, to more sophisticated "gourmet" dishes.

My favourites of all were pasta king, tuna salad/steak baguettes in the cold foods section, and the odd hot dog here and there of course. I liked the cold foods section for one other reason. The first and certainly last hot dinner lady to ever exist.

Unfortunately, there was always an unpredictable staff rota whenever it came to buying these super savoury begets. And so whenever I felt a little peckish for a baguette, guess what? She was never there! And I guess I can blame this on terrible luck, because instead of her I'd often have to settle for a rude, boil ridden female impersonator of Shrek and Donkey. Yes, a strictly stereotypical dinner lady complete with leather skin and hairy facial moles. I discovered a long hidden hair follicle or two lurking deep in my baguette on more than one occasion. Once I even found a tiny worm!!

I couldn't sleep properly for days, shaking with shivers down my spine every time I thought about it. Like when you see a graphic depiction of bug in a documentary and you think one's on you!

Each time I protested for my money back and then some I got it. But I was being too nice, and that wasn't enough to get a decent bald beget, until one day I came up with a plan!

Seeing as these hygiene violations persisted, I built up the evidence of these "misdemeanours" into a final "felony charge"! I reported these incidents of obvious sabotage to the head master. I never thought I'd see the day, but I finally got rid of that old hag, and guess who was to be working in place of her absence? That's right, It was a dream come true, all thanks to planning!

Nowadays as "grown ups", there's nothing more effective than planning. Planning seems to be the word in front of everything important we need to do. Planning your future, planning a family, planning a vacation, planning a plan. And in the cooperate universe, a business plan, is the central nervous system of the business. Thanks to planned advances, today us the business owners, large and small are privileged alike to have the opportunity to plan with the aid of incredible technology. Taking the weight of your shoulders, and keeping your hair in your head! Technologies designed and planned to aid specific businesses according to contingency and industry, or the whole lot if necessary.

I have shown you a brief over view of how planning or not planning were detrimental to my life. It's important to plan wisely in life. And business often determines what quality of life you will live. My only recommendation is to consider starting your business plans today!

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